Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wedding weekend

Thursday morning, I said goodbye to my man and to Tennessee for a few days. I drove home to Louisiana... This is the wedding weekend for one of my best friends, Sarah. 

I made it in time on Thursday to see my Grandaddy, who is at the hospital recovering from surgery. Next, I went to see my Grandmother at her house, then to see my nieces and nephew for a quick minute! Afterwards, I had a date with the bride to get our nails done. 

Friday morning when I woke up at my parents house, I was amazed all over again with the view from here. I never get tired of it. 

Friday at 11:30, we had the bridal luncheon. 

Bride to be and me...

My mom made this gorgeous 4-layer chocolate cake. Same cake that my sister had at her luncheon several years ago.

Friday night, we rehearsed at the church followed by dinner at Vieux Carre. 

Sarah had a special video toast from our friend Erica, who lives in England and couldn't make the wedding. 

Shrimp étouffée for me! 

So looking forward to today and tonight. Then I will head back to Tennesee early tomorrow! More pictures coming soon. 

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