Sunday, March 9, 2014

1st anniversary!

Today was our 1-year wedding anniversary...

And what a day it turned out to be. 

It all started with breakfast at home. I asked Billie not to get me anything. No tricks or reverse psychology there. Billie is a master gift-buyer and surpriser. I need the rest of our lives to catch up with all the things he has done for me! (Buying our house as a surprise, 12 days of Christmas gifts, the list goes on and on.)

Going along with the traditional "paper" gift for the 1st year, I framed lyrics to the song "that's all" by Michael Buble, which was accidentally stuck on repeat at The Cottage in Ruston, where we spent our wedding night. I loved the lyrics, and they stuck with me. 

also bought Billie a fancy pair of brown boots from Dillard's. You know, to outfit him for our next year together. 

After church, we went to brunch downtown at Blackhorse pub. We celebrated in true Webb style... With food. 

After lunch, we discovered a loud, slow whistling sound from the back left tire of my car. Turns out we ran over a spark plug. 

So we drove a full circle around town, 3 different stores, before finding one that was open. 

They couldn't patch the hole, but they could put on our spare and order a new tire...In an hour and a half. 

How did we make lemonade out of lemons?? We walked half a mile down the service road to the mall! 

I soon regretted wearing heels to church. But we did some shopping and finally made it home around 4:30. 

We don't have the top of our actual wedding cake. (It's still frozen at my parents house.) So I picked up a small Italian creme cake from the bakery section of Publix, which made for a perfect second-best. 

At the end of the day, there is no one else I would have wanted to be with today... running around town, with a flat tire. Billie makes me laugh in every situation. I'm so incredibly thankful to be his wife!  

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