Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekend happenings in the new town!

Saturday, I finally met Lindsey, the cousin of a friend of mine from grad school. I was so happy to meet a Louisiana native here in Clarksville! We talked king cake, jambalaya, and all things Baton Rouge. Not even kidding. She was actually a nurse at Baton Rouge General at the same time I worked there. Funny huh? Her hubbie is military too. 

We met at Lasater's for coffee and time to chat. They had my favorite Sysco scones there too-- score.

Thanks for the image, Google.

Afterwards, I drove to Miss Lucille's-- a place Lindsey and my realtor had both told me about. 

Miss Lucille's is a giant warehouse. Rows upon rows of antiques, furniture, clothes, art, and home decor. My kinda place.

My favorite booth, complete with my favorite colors!

Here are a few photos of pieces I loved! 

Will definitely be making a trip back there.

For dinner, Billie and I tried out Woody's Pizza, which came highly recommended.  
 And it passed the test. Plus we got free cinnamon sticks for dessert. Can't beat that!

The remainder of the night was spent watching Red Box movies-- Captain Phillips and Despicable Me (my choice). 

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  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend!
    Looks like a neat little flea market :)
    And I love that her name and profession are same as mine!