Thursday, December 26, 2013

12 days of Christmas update!

Though I'm slowly coming out of my food coma from the past few days, I will NEVER get over the shock of the gifts I received this Christmas... One in particular!

First, let's start with the rest of my "12 days of Christmas" gifts I received from Billie! 

7- a Beth Moore daily devotional book
8 pack of my favorite sparkling water
9 packs of chocolate covered almonds, in the shape of a 9!
$10 gift card to Starbucks
11 Quest bars 

My hubby knows me well, huh?? :)
Christmas morning, Billie told me he was going to give me my 12th day gift. I was definitely curious, but I didn't expect anything more than what I had already been given!

Well, I could see through the wrapping paper that it was a picture frame. So I wondered why 3 members of my family were video recording me as I started to open it...

Then I realized why. 

It was a framed picture of the house we wanted in Clarksville!!!! With a sign in the window that said "to Katherine, from Billie. Welcome home!"

The video included my silence, crying, then squealing. For those who need an update: we had made an offer on this exact house then regretfully rescinded our offer because the builder wouldn't negotiate with some things we wanted done. For the past 2 weeks, I felt like it was a mistake. It was by FAR our favorite house, and I wasn't sure we were going to find anything we liked half as much! 
This past week, I called our relator (who was playing along with Billie) and asked her if we could replace our offer on this house. She told me it had been sold. I was devastated.  Come to find out, it had been sold to BILLIE. 

I so wish I could do something this great for Billie. But I don't think I could ever top this!!! If you have any ideas for me for next Christmas, I'm open! 

Thanks for all of you who prayed with us and asked for updates about our house situation!

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