Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sunday afternoon BBQ

Sunday after church, mine and Billie's families convened at my parent's house for a cookout.  Dad grilled burgers and we had Asian cole slaw, baked beans, and chips and dip for sides!

Here's a glimpse of my sweet family and a day at the farm...

Halloween bark from The Pioneer Woman website

Kaleigh Grace showing off her chalk creations

Some of Mama's fall decor!

Billie and his siblings, minus Katie!

my mother-in-law and me

A little football action

My sister and nephew

My mom and my mother-in-law with Olivia Kate

fun on the slide

After the BBQ, one of my best friends drove through town from Baton Rouge! I finally got to meet her sweet new baby girl, and she melted my heart right away. Brighton nestled in and slept for most of our visit, which I didn't mind at all :)


We had such a great time in Louisiana this past week. I think we definitely made the most of our time! Loved getting to see all of our friends and family. 6 months was too long!

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