Monday, October 7, 2013

My Cousin's Baby Shower

Friday afternoon, my mom, sister, and I drove to Pineville, where some of my Mom's family lives. My girls cousins were putting together a baby shower for my cousin Meghan, who is due with a little GIRL in December. I haven't seen my family since mine and Billie's wedding in March, so I was especially excited!

Side note-- Tuesday, after Billie and I learned we would be moving to Fort Campbell at the end of the year, I went online and applied for a speech therapy job at a hospital nearby. During our drive to Pineville, I got a call from their rehab director! I'll have an official phone interview this coming Thursday. Awesome huh? :) Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Back to the shower... Pictures will explain better...

Diaper cake with hot air balloon- how cute?? My cousin Jessica made this!

The spread...

Chicken Salad sandwiches, cake, cupcakes, fruit cups with dip, veggie cups, cheese/olive/tomato skewers, and pink lemonade! 

Mason jars with pink striped straws

The girls... me, my sister Lindsey, Katie, Meg, Rachel, Jessica, and Amy

Aunt Susan and Meg

The party had a great turnout and was so fun to plan. The decor was shabby chic and so-little-girl. :) And I think Meg had a great time, which was most important!

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