Saturday, August 10, 2013

Friday night in Bisbee

We went to Bisbee again this weekend. I know, I know... I'm obsessed. :)

I've been so excited to spend time with Charity and Daniel. Charity is my friend who works at the church and did the Steelhead Triathlon with me in June. She's so fun to be around. Daniel is her fiance, and he's a big-time triathlete. (Like... Owns 3 bikes and finishes Half-Ironmans kinda triathlete.) Poor Billie, we talked triathlon for most of dinner.

But we had such a fun night! 

First we met Charity and Daniel in town to carpool to Bisbee. And they pulled up on a motorcycle! Come to find out, it's Charity's! How cool is that? She is so adventurous and brave. 

Then we ate dinner at Santiago's, that Mexican restaurant I told you about last week. I had fajita fixings without any of the sides. It was delicious! But I always feel so silly when I order at a restaurant... "Um, May I get the beef fajitas with no beans, no rice, no tortillas, no sour cream, and no cheese?" Daniel leaned over and asked Charity if I was serious. ha. But the remaining meat, veggies, and guacamole were worth the awkward order!!

Another reason I bond with Charity?... she loves coffee just as much as I do! So we went by Bisbee coffee company after dinner. I got an almond milk cappucino, which was surprisingly good! 

Aren't they a cool couple??

After Charity and Daniel left, we stopped by to see a couple friends who were at the Grand Hotel Saloon. Got a bit of live music before we headed home. 


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