Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Bisbee Kind of Weekend

I have mentioned Bisbee before... it's an eclectic, hippie-ish town full of crafts, cool restaurants, and antique shops. About 35 minutes from where we live. This Saturday, I made plans with two friends to bike to Bisbee (only one way, of course.) But we couldn't get the logistics figured out, so we ended up driving to Bisbee Saturday morning and running the Bisbee 1000 course. 

The actual Bisbee 1000 race takes place in October and involves 4.5 miles, 9 staircases, and over 1000 stair steps. A group of my friends are planning to race this October, so Billie and I will probably join in! The course weaves through the town. I would have gotten so lost except for my friend Allison used to live in Bisbee, and she did the course often. So she led the way! It was tough!! I walked the stairs and jogged the rest. But it was fun to do something so different from the norm!


After the run, we ate brunch at Bisbee Breakfast Club. I had a shrimp omelet and some fruit!

 Sunday afternoon, Billie and I drove back to Bisbee to eat lunch at a Mexican restaurant called Santiago's, which we have been hearing so much about! 

I got the special: Ground lamp and mascarpone cheese stuffed peppers.


Inside Bliss Bee... art supplies and lots of shabby chic goodness!

Our town doesn't have any unique coffee shops, so I had to make a stop by Bisbee Coffee Company before we left Bisbee. Reminiscent of my summer in Italy, I got a very non-paleo chocolate croissant. :) And a Mexican Mocha! YUM. (Like a regular mocha with spices added in!) They have some cool, unique drinks there.

I payed the sugar price when I got home... we both crashed and slept for a couple hours. Then I woke up and did some continuing education courses online for my big girl job (Speech Therapy.)

Overall, we had a great weekend!! I already can't wait to go back to Bisbee.

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