Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What's up with us!

I made a diptic (thank you, Alexandra) :) to give you a glimpse in to our week! 

Top left: Billie told me last week that I had a little present on the way. It arrived at our house on Monday... It was a bike rack for my car!! I have been wanting one for a while... My poor 4-Runner takes a beating every time I load my bike in and out. So Billie spent his night assembling the rack and putting it on my car. (Then driving to Sears for some tools and bungee cords.) I'm so lucky. Now I just need some magic solution to remove the scuff marks from the inside of my car! 

Top right: this little guy kept staring at me while I was in the kitchen today. I couldn't tell what he was! Lizard? Small iguana? Creepy. That's what he was. I slowly opened the sliding glass door to step outside and get a better look (camera around neck of course) and he vanished! Creepy AND fast. 

Bottom left: this is a globe. Duh. And it's to represent that Billie had his interview with the branch manager today, and we are supposed to find out next FRIDAY where we will be stationed next! (Which should be October-ish.) So exciting. We felt great about the options. I won't tell you our top choices because nothing is guaranteed. But I'll let you know as soon as we know something!!

Bottom right: When I began working here, I was taking the place of a speech therapist who was going on maternity leave. Well she returned to work part time this week. So I am now needed only 2 days a week. I'm so thankful to even have a job in our town, but I do get bored with too much down time! So I asked my friend Charity, who works at our church, if I could volunteer or help out in the church office in any way. It was perfect timing. They were needing someone to transcribe the sermon series our pastor just completed called "Simple. Not Easy." Being about marriage and family, the series received an awesome response. The ultimate goal is that it will be made into a book. I feel like a transcribing pro, thanks to grad school in speech therapy. Ha. Plus I learned that on the Podcast app on the i-phone, you can slow or speed up the speech rate. Perfect for typing! I kept giggling in the office today because hearing certain things in slow motion is just stinking funny. Like "haaa.....haaaa.....haaa." :) 2 sermons and about 7 1/2 hours down. 3 more sermons to go! 

That's all I got! How is your week going?? I would love to hear!

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