Monday, June 3, 2013

Is this a joke?

Most people are intimidated by triathlon because of the swim. Well, I am no exception. I have thought I might drown on several occasions. Especially the day that I swam in the outdoor pool on post. See, the indoor pool was closed for Memorial day weekend and the outdoor pool had JUST been opened. Therefore the pool was a brisk 71 degrees. You read right. 71. My body was numb for the entire swim. And it took me hours after I got home to get warm. 

On a different note, I took my bike to a local bike store today to get the tires aired up and to let them give it a once-over. My triathlon is less than 3 weeks away. (And I locked myself out of the house with a cast iron skillet in the oven as I was loading my bike in to the car. I borrowed a construction worker's cell phone to call Billie and ask him to come home and let me in. Another story.)

When I arrived at the bike store, the first thing they noticed was that my brakes weren't working. Of course, I haven't noticed this because I mostly ride on my stationary trainer OR at the gym. (I feel unsafe riding on the road by myself plus it's extremely windy. Even the trees can't hang. See??)

Back to my bike brakes. Apparently, when I zip-tied my bike computer (little device that tells the pace, distance, time) to the frame, I zip-tied it on top of the brake cable. Triathlon with no brakes. That could have made for an interesting race huh??

Evidently, if I make it out of the triathlon alive, we will be doing good.

Thanks to John Wayne, I've had a motto for this race. You can always trust the guy with the eye patch right? Right.


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  1. So glad your life was spared---
    Ride on sister. Ride on.