Monday, April 22, 2013

Cycling boot camp

One of the best parts about being stationed here is the gym. It's impressive! And workout classes are all offered for FREE!

So last week, I decided to try out the cycling class. The last cycling class I attended was during grad school at LSU. So it's been a little while. But 45 minutes... I could handle that, right? I've been riding my bike on my trainer at home. I got this.

So on the day of the class, I quietly slipped into the back and took my place, sure that I could go unnoticed. Humph.

The instructor, a 60+ retired military officer, immediately came and shook my hand and asked for my name. When I told him "Katherine," he responded (rather loudly) with "I'm gonna call you KATHY. And when I yell out KATHY!!!!, you yell out 'add a gear!!!' Got that?"
"Um... Yes sir."

At this point, the class is slowly becoming my nightmare. Not only do I hate being the center of attention, my voice isn't loud enough to yell, and my name is not KATHY!

Before the class actually began, everyone was on a bike pedaling... Pedaling... PEDALING. And I'm thinking... "These people are crazy! Forget warming up...I'm saving my energy."

The class began right on time with Sergeant 60+ yelling. We had to "add a gear" (a.k.a. add resistance) about thirty times. But funny thing, I don't ever remember him saying to lower the resistance, so I took it on myself to do that each time he told us to "add a gear."

The guy next to me, "Sherlock",  had just told me he attends this class BEFORE PT. All the while, I'm wondering if I'll be able to walk tomorrow. Half way through the class, he handed me his towel and said "Here. Looks like you need it more than I do."


*This is the actual room where bootcamp went down*


  1. i just laughed out loud!! I can ONLY imagine what this class was like... WAY TO GO KATHY!!!

  2. So stinkin funny! Laughed so hard--- and then read out loud to my coworkers and laughed til I cried. Way to go Kathy!! Keep on cycling :)